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Delphian School
20950 SW Rock Creek Rd. 
Sheridan, OR 97378

Phone: 503-843-3521
Phone Toll Free: 800-626-6610

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Delphian School Staff


Sasha Ackley

Building and Grounds Appearance In Charge

Melissa Agrillo

Admissions Associate

Jonathan Allard

Print Shop Assistant

Sue Bader

Curriculum Development Specialist

Chris Baumgardner

Director of Administration

Iris Baumgardner

Director of Income

Dylan Bennett

System Support Administrator

Kaellagh Bennett

Business Manager

Melissa Bowling

Accounts Payable

Sachet Brown


Steven Brown

Motor Pool Manager

Mayra Chavez

Development Office Manager

Zoe Croman

Constituent Relations Manager

Diane Curl

Early Learning Center Teacher

Emily Dambrin

Career and College Advisor

Mike Desirey

Repairs and Maintenance Technician

Beth Eurell

Arts Administrator

Skyler Feilmeier

Audio Visual Production Manager

Todd Forslund

Form 6 Academic Supervisor

James Gailunas

Admissions Associate

Robin Gailunas

Form 7 Academic Supervisor

Mary Gill

Assistant Teacher

Russty Gill

Art Teacher

Judi Glenski

Lower Dean

Jose Jaime Gonzalez

Ethics Advisor

Evanie Hamilton Hansen

Head of Finance

Madison Hamilton Hansen


Torben Hamilton Hansen

Director of Academic Resources

Mary Hilton

Janet Hollander


Paula Horton

Form 8 Academic Supervisor

Danaea Jackman

Facilities Manager

Rachel Karl

Head of Advancement

Thomas Keough

Admissions Associate

Heather Kertchem

Deputy to the Director of Curriculum

Damon Lequin

Community Relations Director

Erin Lequin

Head of Co-Curricular

Dana Libonati

Music Teacher

Brandon Lidgard

Athletics Director

Madison Lucas

Head of School Assistant

Desiree Lundeen

Beginner Forms 1 & 2 Teacher

Paige Marchele

Form 6 Entry Academic Supervisor

Fernanda Marlatt

Forms 1 & 2 Teacher

Amy Marshall

Forms 7 & 8 Head

Diana Marshall

Curriculum Development Specialist Elementry School

Don Marshall

Communications Coordinator

Cristofer Maximilian

Form 6 Academic Supervisor

Quinn Maximilian

Forms Examiner

Tami McCole

Elementary School Teacher

Nicolle Miller

Middle School Head

Devin Nipppagan

PE Instructor

Corey Orthmann

Form 6 Academic Supervisor

Rebecca Orthmann

Director of Marketing

April Ott

Tuition and Financial Aid Director

Casey Ott

Accounts Payable

Trevor Ott

Head of School

Paige Perkins

Curriculum Development Specialist Junior Editor

Bill Perpelitt

IT Manager

Larry Price

Deputy Head of Standards

Bridgette Rappoport

Head of Admissions

Eric Roland

Word Clearer, Ceramics Instructor

Nancy Roland

Early Learning Center Head Teacher

Aurora Romero

Student Transportation

Naty Romero-Ott

Elementary School Academic Supervisor

Alan Rothe

Director of Curriculum

Joelle Rothe

Enrichment Coordinator

Trish Rouelle

Curriculum Development Specialist

Phade Savejs

Lower School Teachers Aide

Tom Savejs

Maintenance Manager

Marty Shaw

Science Lab Instructor

Jordan Siegel


Linda Siegel

Professional Development Coordinator, Student Community Service Organizer

Mark Siegel

Assistant Head of School

Linnea Silver

Head of Administration

Sam Silver

Head of Standards

Irene Smid

Layout Artist

Asami Suzuki

Associate Director of Admission

Dail Taylor

System Support Administrator

Carol Thoburn

Curriculum Development Specialist

Sierra Upton

Medical Liaison

Aric Vannier

Deputy Facilities Manager

Michael Vannier

Print Shop Assistant

Misty Vannier

Residential Life Director

Luke Volz

Senior Maintenance & Repairs Technician

Allison Wain

Director of Student Activities

Adam Whitworth

Form 7 Academic Supervisor, Arts Director

Alyssa Whitworth

Forms 7 & 8 Academic Supervisor

Marsha Worlock

Curriculum Development Specialist

Jason Wydro

Advertising Manager

Tkeisha Wydro

Director of Public Outreach

Mari Young

International & Form 6 Entry Head

Tom Young

Upper School Examiner